Titleist T Series


T-Series Irons represent an entirely unique approach to iron engineering built from the ground up. Powered by breakthrough technology – including new Max Impact – they deliver a balance of power and performance, unlike anything we’ve ever made. And yet, with one swing, you’ll feel they are 100% pure Titleist


Titleist engineers understand that true distance is more than just a number. The quality of any iron shot must be judged in three dimensions: Distance, Dispersion and Angle of Descent. This deeper understanding of iron play fueled our T-Series innovation.

Distance You Can Rely On

T-Series Irons are long, but distance is useless if it’s not consistent. Titleist irons are designed to deliver repeatable, reliable distance.

Tighter Dispersion By Design

Titleist engineers use their expertise in cavity shaping and tungsten weighting to create irons that perform better on every strike. From the precision balance of T100 to the consistent distance of T200 and engineered forgiveness of T300, T-Series irons are designed to land every shot closer.

Steeper Descent Angle:The Power To Drop It And Stop It

An iron shot that flies far but can’t hold the green does little to improve scoring. The angle of descent produced by each T-Series iron strikes the ideal balance between adding distance and preserving stopping power.


T200 and T300 irons are powered by Max Impact Technology, a striking innovation that extends maximum speed across the entire face while preserving superior sound and feel.

T100: Score With Precision

A true player's iron offering confidence-inspiring looks and Tour-quality performance

T200: Attack Every Pin

A player's distance iron with the benefits of a forged face and Max Impact, subtly integrated into a shape that satisfies the discerning eye.

T300: Raise Your Game

A player's game improvement iron with Max Impact-powered distance and forgiveness in a mid-sized head.


Born from the Titleist Speed Project, TS Hybrids represent a new standard in hybrid performance. In a word, these things just GO. They look great, feel amazing, and explode through the ball with a lively Tour-preferred sound. Wonder what it’s like to play a hybrid you can’t wait to hit? Stop wondering and GO.


Ultra-thin crown allows weight to be shifted lower and deeper.


The 16% thinner face delivers faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness.


16 independent loft and lie settings, create a more consistent and optimized ball flight through precision fitting.


Refined crown and face thicknesses create our lowest CG ever for higher launch and lower spin.


Forgiving long-iron replacement designed to maximize performance from a sweeping swing.


Fast-launching iron replacement designed to produce outstanding distance and control for stronger players who hit down on the ball.


More distance than a standard iron, less spin than a hybrid. U•500 and U•510 are called Utility Irons for a reason. These clubs are designed to expand your shot options at the top end of the bag. U•Series Utility Irons are about delivering that one shot you need precisely when you need it.

They Asked. We Delivered.

The challenge from our Titleist Tour Ambassadors to our R&D team was clear: develop a high-performance, purpose-built utility iron worthy of the Titleist badge. The team’s response? Not one but two incredible all-new options to choose from.

Easy Distance For All.

U•Series Utility Irons put an end to the nerves that normally accompany a long-iron shot. Both models feature high density tungsten weighting to control CG and produce consistent, easy-launching power.

Performance With Enhanced Shaft Options.

Dial in your U•Series performance through our extensive matrix of custom order graphite and steel shafts. Every stock hybrid and iron shaft in the Titleist lineup is offered at no upcharge.

Uniquely Useful

Versatility lies at the core of U•Series. From piercing stingers off the tee to high, hard-turning daggers from the rough, these clubs can produce any shot you can imagine.


Designed for the game you play. Extremely versatile, low loft utility iron designed for superior shot-making.


Launch it high and long. Easy launching distance utility iron that delivers hybrid-like performance from a muscular iron shape.

Ping Left Handed G LE2

Advancements in technology, lighter overall club weight, expanded fitting options and premium materials combine to make the new G Le2 family PING’s highest performing women’s clubs to date. The complete line of clubs is available at authorised PING golf shops from 18th July and for pre-order in store now.

PING G LE2 Driver

Lighter, Faster and More Forgiving

G Le2 maximises swing speed through a lighter overall system weight for gaining clubhead speed, an aerodynamic head to reduce drag and a thinner face for faster ball velocity.

Aerodynamic Shape

The rounder 460cc head is aerodynamically shaped to promote faster clubhead speed. Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for straighter ball flights. Softer crown turbulators help frame the ball at address.

Faster Face

A thinner, ultra-strong T9S+ face increases deflection for faster ball speed and greater distance by optimising clubhead speed with this lighter, higher-MOI head. The creased crown stiffens the head structure and aids in alignment.

Adjusts For Loft & Lie

Trajectory Tuning 2.0 in the G Le2 driver utilises a new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that provides eight positions for influencing ball flight through loft (±1.5°) and lie adjustments, including up to 3° flatter than standard.

PING G LE2 Fairway

Easy Launching, Adjusting

By introducing eight-position loft adjustability, a thinner, faster maraging C300 face and significantly higher MOI, G Le2 fairways are lighter, easy to launch, more forgiving and make it simple to dial in your custom fit. With internal weighting that promotes right-to-left spin to steer the ball back on line.

Lofts: 3W (19°), 5W (22⁰), 7W (26⁰), 9W (30⁰)

PING G LE2 Irons

Light, Long and Straight

More precise and forgiving, G Le2 irons utilise COR-Eye Technology and a top-rail undercut to increase face flexing and increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) by 10%. Aided by a lighter swing weight, the simultaneous gains in ball speed and shot height help carry the ball farther. A co-moulded cavity badge ensures enhanced feel and sound at impact.

Available: 6-9, PW, UW, SW

PING G LE2 Hybrid

Faster, Higher

A thinner, hotter Carpenter 455 face and lighter swing weight generate faster ball speeds while a lower, deeper CG helps launch the ball high with greater forgiveness on a steep landing angle so your shots hold the green. Softer crown turbulators to match the driver help capture the ball at address.

Lofts: 4H (22⁰), 5H (26⁰), 6H (30⁰), 7H (34⁰)

PING G LE2 Putter Range

More Feel, Forgiveness

Enhanced feel and forgiveness and a new adjustable-length shaft improve performance and fitting opportunities in the new G Le2 putters. A dual-durometer face insert provides a soft layer for precision, a firm layer for control. The easy-to-use adjustable shaft allows self-fitting for length between 31" and 35". A new, softer- feeling PP59 midsize grip fits comfortably into the palms.

Models: Anser, Echo, Shea

Ping Left Handed Glide 3.0

With deep, sharp grooves for higher spin and a lighter overall system weight for improved feel and control, the tour-proven Glide 3.0 wedges deliver shot-saving performance across multiple loft and sole grind options. Made from soft, 431 stainless steel, the rounded head profile, tapered hosel and more offset provide a clean look at address and better ball capture.

A higher MOI head adds accuracy and an elastomer insert delivers a softer impact experience. Four distinct grind options, including the classic PING Eye2 SW, are engineered to fit golfers of all abilities. HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish repels water and reduces friction through the turf.

Precision-Milled Grooves

Patented, wheel-cut grooves developed by PING’s engineering and manufacturing teams enable grooves with a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the ball at impact, creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control. The grooves in the lower-lofted wedges (46°, 50° & 52°) are milled with a 20° sidewall and a .005” edge radius for optimal full-shot performance. The higher-lofted versions (54°, 56°, 58° & 60°) are milled to a .004” edge radius and a 28° sidewall to impart more spin, especially around the greens.


Five grams lighter than the original Dylawedge grip, the new version is softer and designed 3/4” longer than a standard grip with reduced taper to allow golfers to grip down for more versatility and trajectory control on finesse shots around the green.

New, lighter shaft

PING Z-Z115 shaft made by Nippon is lighter and has a lower balance point closer to the tip to help feel the head for more control and versatility.

Four Sole Grind Options

SS (Standard Sole)

Mid-bounce sole with heel and trail-edge relief. Engineered for golfers with a moderate angle of attack. Exceptional performance in a variety of turf conditions.

WS (Wide Sole)

Most forgiving through the ground. Round and cambered sole with significant bounce. Recommended for golfers with a steep angle of attack who typically play in soft turf conditions.


Matches original Eye2 SW sole profile, hosel transition and high toe shape for the ultimate in bunker performance.

TS (Thin Sole)

Similar to SS with 3˚ bounce grind. Facilitates precise shot-making from difficult lies. Ideal for firm conditions and a shallow angle of attack.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X




Made to inspire confidence and promote performance, Phantom X putters are precision milled, multi-component mallets crafted with sleek, ground-hugging contours shaped to offer optimal weight distribution, forgiveness and feel.

TaylorMade Golf Introduces Revolutionary M5 & M6 Irons

TaylorMade Golf, recently announced the fourth and most innovative generation of its high-performance line of M series irons. Featuring the company’s new revolutionary SPEED BRIDGE™ technology, the all-new M5 & M6 irons have been engineered to both further increase distance and enhance sound and feel

M6 Irons

Explosive Distance, Maximum Forgiveness

Available in-store 14.02.19

M5 Irons

Explosive Distance, Precise Control

Available in-store 14.02.19

SPEED BRIDGE – A Breakthrough in Iron Engineering

Completely new for 2019, M5 & M6 irons with SPEED BRIDGE incorporate a high strength, mass-efficient structural beam spanning across the cavity back of the iron to connect the topline with the back bar of the iron.By connecting these specific points, TaylorMade has created a significant technological breakthrough in game improvement iron design.

Through extensive use of computational modeling and optimisation, the SPEED BRIDGE uses minimal mass to stabilise the iron by supporting the topline and upper face area at the exact location that vibrates at impact. The increased rigidity in the topline and upper perimeter of the face delivers improved sound and feel with increased ball speed from a more flexible Speed Pocket. The SPEED BRIDGE is the key to unlocking the ability to design M5 and M6 irons with a thru-slot Speed Pocket, our most flexible Speed Pocket to date.

With the introduction of SPEED BRIDGE, the company’s most iconic technologies have been united in perfect harmony to deliver game changing performance for players of all levels.

HYBRAR Compression Damper

In both the M5 & M6 irons, TaylorMade engineers have implemented a new HYBRAR damping system and multi-material badges to control and minimise vibration for a soft and solid feel. Due to the stiffer topline, the maximum point of deflection of the iron face at impact is lower than previous designs. The lower deflection point is aligned with the HYBRAR damper allowing it to activate more quickly at impact and dampen unwanted vibrations more efficiently. The ABS/aluminum structure combined with viscoelastic adhesive serves to further improve sound and feel at impact.

Introducing the Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Artificial Intelligence, Real Ball Speed.

The new Epic Flash driver employs a new Callaway technology called Flash Face to help golfers get more ball speed for more distance. That great feeling you get when you make a good swing and crush one off the tee? Flash Face makes the ball go faster and farther.

How? Flash Face’s unique, internal mapping consists of dozens of subtle ripples flowing from heel to toe. Though the size, height and configuration of the ripples appears random, they in fact work together cohesively to elevate COR in the face’s centre region. That convention-defying accomplishment results in a significant ball speed boost for a noticeable distance increase when you make solid contact, helping make your longest drives go even longer.

“Callaway’s new driver is seriously unlike anything I’ve ever hit before. The ball speed, distance, sound…it just pushes the boundaries of everything I thought I knew about driver technology. I cannot wait until golfers all over the world try it out.”


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Flash Face’s sophisticated architecture was created by Artificial Intelligence – the first known instance of using the golf equipment industry — and “Machine Learning,” a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn” with data without being explicitly programmed. Through Machine Learning our computers cycled through 15,000 face iterations, learning from each one, before arriving at Flash Face.

New Flash FaceTechnology For Faster Ball Speed

Callaway engineers used Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a radically different face design to promote faster ball speed in the center region of the face.

Epic Flash

Get Custom Fitted at Silvermere Now

Available in-store 1.02.19

Epic Flash

Get Custom Fitted at Silvermere Now

Available in-store 1.02.19

Epic Flash Sub Zero

Advanced head shape and internal weighting create a rare combination of high MOI and low spin in a player’s driver, resulting in more forgiveness and longer distance.

Epic Flash Fairway Woods

Epic Flash Fairway Woods feature groundbreaking new Flash Face Technology to help golfers of every level and swing speed get more ball speed and distance.

Callaway Epic Flash Demo Day UK

Product Launch Event 2019

Get Your First Look At Callaway’s New Product Line at Silvermere

Callaway Fitting Event at Silvermere: Saturday 26th January, 10:00am-4:00pm

Join us for the launch of Callaway’s brand new 2019 line up of golf equipment.

Get fitted for the highly anticipated Epic Flash, Apex ’19 and Big Bertha ’19 before anyone else at Silvermere Golf Complex

Custom Fitting is one of the most important aspects of improving your golf. By working with you, Callaway’s experienced team of Custom Fit Specialists are dedicated to finding you the right head model and then optimise it for loft, lie, shaft and grip, to get every inch out of your game.

PING Introduces G410 Line-up

Significant advancements in custom fitting while increasing both forgiveness and ball speed highlight the G410 Plus and SFT drivers. Movable-weight technology offers a simple way to customize your driver for a desired ball flight so you can swing fearlessly and hit a lot more fairways. Trajectory Tuning 2.0 expands your loft and lie options utilizing a new patented eight-setting, lightweight hosel.

Available for Custom Fitting 06.02.19

Shop In-Store 07.03.19

PING Introduces G410 Iron, Compact Distance Model

In the G410 iron, PING have taken game-improvement technology and reshaped it, giving the model less offset and a shorter blade length while maintaining MOI to create the most forgiving iron on the market for its size.

To generate power, face hinging and a larger flexing zone increase ball speeds for more distance and higher peak trajectories so you’re able to hit and hold more greens. Feel and sound are improved with a co-molded cavity badge that damps vibrations.

Available for Custom Fitting Now

Shop In-Store: 07.02.19


G410 Fairways, Hybrids & Crossover


Powered by a forged, maraging steel face, the G410 fairway woods are engineered to launch the ball easily and deliver faster ball speeds on a penetrating trajectory that maximises distance. A shallower face and efficient CG placement elevate MOI for tighter dispersion. For fine-tuning your fit, a new lightweight eight-position sleeve offers a wider range of loft (±1.5°) and lie combinations.


PING’s first-ever adjustable hybrid allows you to customise your ball flight eight different ways through more loft (+- 1.5˚) and lie combinations for consistently better results. Thinner and more flexible, the maraging-steel face generates faster ball speeds and higher launch so you carry trouble while hitting (and holding) more greens. A larger profile provides added stability and helps elevate MOI heel to toe.


With a heavier tungsten toe weight for added forgiveness, a maraging-steel face for faster ball speed and max shot height, and a more compact and stable head, PING’s third Crossover family combines the precision and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid. Available in all 10 color codes (lie angles).

Available for Custom Fitting Now

Shop In-Store: 07.02.19

Taylormade Spider X


Changing the putter game — again. Introducing #SpiderX, an optically engineered and redesigned putter that provides better alignment and visualisation so you can hole more putts. #PureRoll


The X Philosophy

Spider X revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal stability and alignment by re-engineering the mass properties of the head and introducing a new optically engineered True Path Alignment System

Increased Stability

Spider X features a redesigned head with a steel frame that is 30% heavier to minimize twisting

The X Design

New True Path Alignment System helps visualize the intended target line for improved putting accuracy

Spider X improves mass properties and stability by utilizing a heavy 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting

Redesigned Weight Ports

Redesigned weight ports (2g, 6g, or 12g) enable personalization of feel and stability

New Look Website

Welcome to Left Handed Golf’s new website. The only place where left handers are not the minority and are welcomed in with open arms. Whether it’s drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges or putters, no matter your ability, we can almost guarantee you’ll find something on our new website that will improve your game!

Our experienced Left Handed Golf Team have hand selected a number of offers and deals that you can find on our home page, from M1 Drivers and Woods to classic Wilson Irons. These top offers are not to be missed and will not be around for long!

Alongside offers and deals you’ll also find the latest technology from all the leading brands. Callaway’s jailbreak technology has got off to a flyer in 2018 with the Rogue Driver, popular with beginners right the way through to professionals. Tiger Woods’ return to the winner’s circle was inspired by an incredible driving display with his new M3 Driver and full TaylorMade bag, a characteristic not normally associated with even a vintage Tiger Woods. Then how can you forget Patrick Reeds controversial Masters victory. One thing nobody could disagree on was the performance of his Ping G400 Driver that hit fairway after fairway in a week-long dominating display from the Georgian. All this and more are available under the Products and Manufacturers section of the new website.

We hope you enjoy the new layout of the website, our customers feedback is always valued and of course as always, please feel free to get in touch with the team if you have any questions about any of the products you find on our site. The team will be more than happy to help and have vast experience in the golf equipment industry.

Thank you for choosing Left Handed Golf as your equipment supplier, we hope to hear from you soon!

Mizuno Unveils Stunning New JPX919 Irons: Packed With Your Potential

New JPX919 Tour, Hot Metal and Forged Irons: The Next Evolution of The Hugely Successful Mizuno JPX Iron Series

Mizuno, the Japanese equipment manufacturer long renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of irons, has unveiled its new highly engineered JPX919 Series of irons designed to deliver exceptional performance for all types of golf swing.


Mizuno, founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1906, has long held an enviable industry- and tour-wide reputation for crafting the very finest irons in the game, offering golfers the ultimate blend of looks, feel and workability.

Mizuno JPX919 Tour, Hot Metal and Forged Irons

The JPX900 Series irons led a resurgence for Mizuno, with the Tour model residing in the bag of the back-to-back 2017/2018 US Open champion. Now Mizuno has unveiled the next evolution of JPX – the JPX919 Series, a highly engineered family of irons that has evolved alongside Mizuno's comprehensive custom-fitting programme to deliver exceptional performance.

The new family comprises JPX919 Tour, JPX919 Hot Metal and JPX919 Forged, with each model engineered from different base materials to help enhance performance for particular swing types. The JPX919 Tour is forged from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel; the JPX919 Hot Metal is crafted from high-strength Chromoly 4140M; and the JPX919 Forged is Grain Flow Forged from Boron-infused steel. Despite their design differences, all three JPX919 irons are unmistakably Mizuno in profile and sensation through impact.

All JPX919 irons will be available through the Mizuno Custom Programme, which offers one of the widest selections of no upcharge shafts and grips in the industry. As a Mizuno Performance Centre, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of custom fitting options using the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and high-tech Swing DNA software to pinpoint each customer’s best-performing specifications.

Mizuno has strived to “create the best products for consumers” for 112 years, and the entire JPX919 iron family adheres firmly to that original spirit and desire, while offering the best performance benefits that modern technology can bring. #nothingfeelslikeamizuno