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Callaway Left Handed Ai Smoke HL Hybrid
Callaway Left Handed Ai Smoke HL Hybrid
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CallawayCallaway Left Handed Ai Smoke HL Hybrid

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Callaway Left Handed Ai Smoke HL Hybrid

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"Discover the pinnacle of hybrid technology with the Callaway Left Handed Ai Smoke HL Hybrid, your new secret weapon on the golf course. Engineered for golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking to boost their distance, this hybrid marvels with its Ai Smart Face™ technology. Leveraging real player data and advanced machine learning, it crafts a series of sweet spots for maximum distance, heightened launch, and precise dispersion. Featuring a contemporary design for supreme forgiveness and a tungsten speed cartridge for extraordinary ball speed, the HL Hybrid promises to redefine your game, making every shot count with unmatched accuracy and distance."


The new Paradym Ai Smoke hybrid represents a leap forward in Callaway’s Ai journey. This new family of hybrids feature the most sophisticated face in Callaway history, the Ai Smart Face. This face uses real player data and advanced machine learning to create a series of sweet spots all over the face. For golfers with moderate swing speeds, the Paradym Ai Smoke HL (High Launch) hybrid is designed for golfers looking to maximize distance, increase launch, and tighten dispersion.

A Breakthrough in Hybrid Performance Powered by Ai Smart Face

The all-new Ai Smart Face optimizes performance using swing data from thousands of real golfers. This set of swing dynamics, or Swing Code, consists of swing speed, club delivery, and face orientation just prior to impact. This promotes maximum distance with tight dispersion into the green. The Ai Smart Face in the HL model prioritizes launch and spin to help golfers achieve maximum distance. 

Contemporary Hybrid Shaping for Modern Golfers

The new Ai Smoke hybrid features a brand-new contemporary design. With a larger overall profile we’ve amplified forgiveness and instilled confidence at address. Additionally, a more pronounced sole camber offers enhanced turf interaction, ensuring precise, clean contact.

Exceptional Distance from the Tungsten Speed Cartridge

Experience exceptional distance with the innovative Tungsten Speed Cartridge. By seamlessly integrating high-density tungsten, we’ve strategically repositioned the center of gravity (CG), positioning it both low and forward. The outcome: low spin coupled with impressive ball speed.

Callaway Golf is the leading manufacturer of premium golf clubs, balls, performance gear and accessories worldwide. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, they push the limits of performance and create demonstrably superior products designed to make every golfer a better golfer.

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