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Callaway Left Handed Big Bertha 23 Driver
Callaway Left Handed Big Bertha 23 Driver
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CallawayCallaway Left Handed Big Bertha 23 Driver

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Callaway Left Handed Big Bertha 23 Driver

left handed says 

"Elevate your game to unparalleled heights with the Callaway Left Handed Big Bertha 23 Driver, the epitome of game-changing performance. This driver is a masterpiece of innovation, designed to deliver straight distance and significantly reduce slice, thanks to its ultra-low, forward CG. The cutting-edge A.I. designed XL face ensures a forgiving sweet spot that maximizes speed and spin across the face, while the lightweight Jailbreak A.I. system guarantees fast ball speeds and remarkable stability. The iconic Bertha shape boosts confidence and forgiveness, making it the perfect choice for golfers seeking to improve their game with minimal effort. The Big Bertha 23 Driver is more than a club; it's your ticket to a new level of excellence on the golf course."


Left Handed Golf Says

As a professional golfer, I can tell you that the Callaway Big Bertha 23 Driver is an exceptional club that can help take your game to the next level. With its ultra-low, forward CG, this driver is specially designed to reduce slice and promote straight distance with an easy launch, making it a must-have for any serious golfer.

One of the standout features of the Big Bertha Driver is its A.I. designed high-strength XL face, which boasts a large, forgiving sweet spot that optimizes speed and spin across the entire face. And with its lightweight Jailbreak A.I. system, the Big Bertha delivers fast ball speeds and incredible stability for maximum power off the tee.

But what really sets the Big Bertha Driver apart is its confidence-inspiring Bertha shape, which promotes incredible forgiveness and inspires confidence with its generously stretched profile and large, forgiving head shape. And with its lightweight triaxial carbon crown and other lightweight components, this driver is designed to be easy-to-swing, ensuring maximum distance with minimal effort.

Overall, if you're looking for a driver that can deliver straight distance, reduce slice, and inspire confidence on the course, then the Callaway Big Bertha 23 Driver is a club that you need to have in your bag. With its game-changing technologies and precision engineering, it's a driver that can help you take your game to new heights.



Big Bertha is one of the most iconic names in golf, providing game-changing performance and making the game more fun for players of all abilities – that’s the Big Bertha standard. The new Big Bertha family is precisely engineered for players who want to launch the ball higher and play with more confidence every time they tee it up. This extremely forgiving lineup is designed to make every shot your best.

Our new Big Bertha Driver is especially designed with an ultra-low, forward CG for players who want to reduce their slice for straight distance and an easy launch. From the generous profile to the highstrength XL face, these drivers are built for more confidence and for players to find more fairways.


Straight Distance and Slice Reduction from an Ultra-Low, Forward CG

For players that are fighting a slice, Big Bertha brings game changing technologies off the tee. A low and forward CG helps to reduce the spin that can cause a slice. Big Bertha also utilizes weight in the heel to promote hitting a draw.

Large, Forgiving Sweet Spot from the A.I. Designed High-Strength XL Face

Big Bertha’s XL Face features a large sweet spot and uses cutting edge A.I. technology to optimize speed and spin across the face.

Fast Ball Speed from New Lightweight Jailbreak A.I.

An all-new lightweight Jailbreak system has been enhanced to deliver stability and incredibly fast ball speeds across the face.

Incredible Forgiveness from a Confidence-Inspiring Bertha Shape

With a generously stretched profile and large, forgiving head shape, Big Bertha inspires confidence and promotes incredible forgiveness.

Easy Distance from a Lightweight Package

Featuring a triaxial carbon crown and lightweight components, Big Bertha is designed from the ground up to be easy-to-swing.


Callaway Golf is the leading manufacturer of premium golf clubs, balls, performance gear and accessories worldwide. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, they push the limits of performance and create demonstrably superior products designed to make every golfer a better golfer.

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