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Callaway Left Handed Ladies Big Bertha Reva 23 Fairway
Callaway Left Handed Ladies Big Bertha Reva 23 Fairway
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CallawayCallaway Left Handed Ladies Big Bertha Reva 23 Fairway

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Callaway Left Handed Ladies Big Bertha Reva 23 Fairway

left handed says 

"Unlock a new level of confidence on the fairway with the Callaway Left Handed Ladies Big Bertha Reva 23 Fairway woods, a revelation in golf technology designed for the female golfer. With its forgiving Bertha REVA shape and optimized shaft lengths, launching the ball high and straight has never been easier. The revolutionary Jailbreak with Batwing Technology and an A.I. designed face combine to produce fast ball speeds and extended distance across the entire face. Lightweight yet powerful, these woods offer unparalleled ease of swing and adjustability for the 3-wood and 5-wood models, ensuring every shot is your best. Whether you're aiming to improve your distance, accuracy, or overall game, the Big Bertha REVA fairway woods are your ticket to success on the course."


Left Handed Golf Says 

As a female golfer, I have struggled with fairway woods in the past, but the Big Bertha REVA 23 fairway has completely changed my game. The forgiving Bertha REVA shape, paired with slightly shorter shaft lengths, made it incredibly easy to launch the ball high and straight. The Jailbreak with Batwing Technology stabilized the body, allowing for a flexible face and fast ball speeds. Plus, the A.I. designed high strength face enhanced speed across the entire face, resulting in impressive distance.

The lightweight triaxial carbon crown and components made it effortless to swing, and the adjustability on the 3-wood and 5-wood models allowed me to dial in my launch and spin for optimal performance. Overall, the Big Bertha REVA fairway woods are a must-have for female golfers of all skill levels looking for maximum forgiveness, distance, and accuracy on the course.



More women are playing golf than ever before, and we’ve worked extensively with data and individual player feedback to create a best-in-class new women’s lineup that’s ideally suited for every level of player. That’s how we’ve developed the new Big Bertha REVA Family, precisely engineered for women who want to play with more confidence, more distance, more accuracy, and hit their best shots on the course.
Many players struggle with fairways woods, but Big Bertha REVA fairways are designed to be the easiest to hit in our entire Callaway lineup. It all starts with an easy-to-launch shape, more loft and a shallow face. This is paired with slightly shorter shaft lengths and powerful distance technologies to give you the confidence to go straight at every green.


Specifically Designed for Women

Big Bertha REVA fairway woods are designed specifically for female golfers. Lofts, swingweights, shafts and even progressive shaft lengths are designed for confidence, high launch and powerful distance.

Easy Launch from Forgiving Bertha REVA Shape

Big Bertha Fairway woods are optimized for players seeking forgiveness. The oversized profile and shallow face design inspire confidence at address and deliver a high, easy launch. Big Bertha REVA fairway woods also use progressively shorter shaft lengths to promote consistent contact for improved launch and carry distance.

Big Bertha REVA Power from Jailbreak with Batwing Technology

Jailbreak with Batwing Technology stabilizes the body, allowing the face to flex for power and incredibly fast ball speeds.

Fast Ball Speeds from an A.I. Designed High Strength Face

Big Bertha REVA fairway woods are designed with cutting edge A.I. technologies to enhance speed across the face. Each face is uniquely designed throughout the lineup to optimize performance.

Easy Distance from a Lightweight Package

Featuring a triaxial carbon crown and lightweight components, Big Bertha REVA fairway woods are easy to swing and launch. Adjustability on the 3-wood and 5-wood models allow players to further dial in launch and spin.

Callaway Golf is the leading manufacturer of premium golf clubs, balls, performance gear and accessories worldwide. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, they push the limits of performance and create demonstrably superior products designed to make every golfer a better golfer.

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