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Callaway Left Handed Ladies Paradym Hybrid
Callaway Left Handed Ladies Paradym Hybrid
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CallawayCallaway Left Handed Ladies Paradym Hybrid

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Callaway Left Handed Ladies Paradym Hybrid

left handed says 

"Introducing the Callaway Left Handed Ladies Paradym Hybrid, a masterpiece of golfing innovation designed to elevate your game to unparalleled heights. Crafted for golfers who desire a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that offers not just distance but exceptional versatility and control. The innovative Cutwave Sole design ensures superior performance through the turf, positioning this as our most adaptable hybrid yet. Infused with Callaway's finest fairway wood technologies, it's engineered to maximize distance. Dive into the realm of extraordinary performance with the Tungsten Speed Cartridge and A.I. designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology, meticulously crafted to lower spin and enhance ball speed across the entire face. The 455 Face Cup, optimized by A.I., promises optimized ball speeds and improved spin robustness, making every shot a statement of precision. The Paradym Hybrid's all-new Cutwave Sole is a testament to Callaway's commitment to innovation, offering unrivaled ease through the turf and superior interaction, especially from the rough. With an adjustable hosel providing loft adjustments, tailor your hybrid to fit your game perfectly, ensuring every shot is a step closer to perfection. Embrace the future of golf with the Callaway Ladies Paradym Hybrid, where distance meets versatility in a symphony of design excellence."


The Paradym Hybrid is for golfers who want a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and control. Our Cutwave Sole design improves the club’s performance through the turf, making this our most versatile hybrid, and we’ve adapted our best fairway wood technologies for maximum distance.

From the All-New Tungsten Speed Cartridge & Jailbreak with Batwing Technology 

Get more distance from the revolutionary Tungsten Speed Cartridge. By incorporating high-density tungsten, we can push the center of gravity (CG) low and forward. The result is lower spin with more ball speed. Our A.I. designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology increases stiffness in the perimeter, while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds across the face.

From A.I. Designed 455 Face Cup  

A high-strength 455 Face Cup is designed using A.I. to optimize ball speeds and improve spin robustness across the face. Each model features a unique A.I. pattern to enhance performance in that specific head.

From the All-New Cutwave Sole Design

An all-new Cutwave Sole is designed specifically to cut through the turf with ease, especially from thick rough. And increased camber on the leading edge improves turf interaction. This brand-new shape makes Paradym the most versatile family of hybrids we’ve ever created.

From an Adjustable Hosel

You can optimize trajectory and control with an adjustable hosel sleeve capable of +2*/ -1* of loft.


Callaway Golf is the leading manufacturer of premium golf clubs, balls, performance gear and accessories worldwide. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, they push the limits of performance and create demonstrably superior products designed to make every golfer a better golfer.

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