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Cleveland Left Handed Ladies Launcher XL Lite Driver
Cleveland Left Handed Ladies Launcher XL Lite Driver
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ClevelandCleveland Left Handed Ladies Launcher XL Lite Driver

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Cleveland Left Handed Ladies Launcher XL Lite Driver

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"Step onto the course with the Cleveland Left Handed Ladies Launcher XL Lite Driver, tailored to empower moderate swing speed players with a blend of enhanced swing speeds and unparalleled forgiveness. This driver cleverly merges our revolutionary XL Head Design with a new Lite-Weight Design, creating a driving experience that not only increases distance off the tee but does so with a finesse and ease tailored to the female golfer. Opt for the standard Women’s model for balanced performance or the Draw model to minimize slice, ensuring your drives stay on course. The Lite-Weight Design, featuring a bonded hosel and an ultra-lightweight shaft, renders this driver 12g lighter and 0.25” longer than its adjustable counterpart, allowing for swifter swings and greater distance. The Draw model comes with a specially re-engineered chassis dedicated to combating slices, boosting your confidence with every drive and keeping your ball firmly on the fairway. The Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver is more than just a club; it's a game-changer designed to enhance your performance and enjoyment on the golf course."


We took our XL Head Design and combined it with our new Lite-Weight Design for a driver that helps moderate swing speed players amp up swing speeds and get maximum forgiveness. Plus, choose from a Women’s model or a Draw model that minimizes your slice.


A bonded hosel without the weight-adding adjustability sleeve, together with an ultra-lightweight shaft, makes this driver 12g lighter and 0.25” longer than the adjustable version, so it swings extra quick. That added speed means more distance off the tee.

A reworked chassis is purpose-built to fight the slice. It’ll boost your confidence on every drive and keep those second shots out of the right-side trees.

Cleveland Golf, renowned for its mastery in wedges, is the secret weapon in the arsenal of many top pro golfers. These are not just clubs; they're precision instruments that turn the tide of the game with each short shot. Since joining the DUNLOP Group in 2007, Cleveland has blended the timeless elegance of classic design with the forefront of technological innovation. The result? Clubs that not only promise but "lock in victory," earning a reputation on the global stage and becoming the trusted choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence.

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