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Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL Driver
Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL Driver
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ClevelandCleveland Left Handed Launcher XL Driver

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Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL Driver

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"Step up to the tee with confidence wielding the Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL Driver, a behemoth of engineering designed to redefine your drive. This driver boasts an unprecedented MOI of 5,200 g-cm², the highest ever in a Cleveland Golf driver, offering unrivaled forgiveness that makes it easier to achieve straight, long drives. Its enlarged head not only contributes to this remarkable MOI but also facilitates a high launch through low-and-deep weighting, ensuring your drives achieve maximum distance with effortless fun. The Rebound Frame technology introduces dual flex zones, alternating between flexibility and rigidity, to channel more energy into the golf ball, thus enhancing ball speed and distance with every shot. With the Action Mass CB feature, an 8g weight ingeniously positioned inside the grip’s end improves balance, granting you greater control without the need for extra effort. The adjustable hosel allows for loft adjustments from 9 to 12 degrees in 0.5-degree increments across 12 positions, enabling you to fine-tune your launch angle, distance, and shot shape to perfection. Embrace the power and precision of the Launcher XL Driver and watch as your drives soar further and straighter than ever before."


This driver is big—like, really big—so it’s easy to send drives right down the middle. With the most MOI ever in a Cleveland Golf driver, Launcher XL will have you thinking less about the club in your hands and more about carrying bunkers, clearing hazards, and finding the fairway.

This is huge: a bigger head means an MOI of 5,200 g-cm2–our most ever in a Cleveland Golf driver. Add that forgiveness to a high launch from low-and-deep weighting, and you’ll enjoy maximum distance with maximum fun.


What’s better than one flex zone? Two (duh). Alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity direct more energy into the golf ball for increased ball speed and distance on every shot.


An 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balance for more control without extra effort.


Adjust your loft from 9 to 12 degrees to optimize your launch angle, distance, and shot shape. Loft can be adjusted at 0.5 deg increments with 12 positions in all.

Cleveland Golf, renowned for its mastery in wedges, is the secret weapon in the arsenal of many top pro golfers. These are not just clubs; they're precision instruments that turn the tide of the game with each short shot. Since joining the DUNLOP Group in 2007, Cleveland has blended the timeless elegance of classic design with the forefront of technological innovation. The result? Clubs that not only promise but "lock in victory," earning a reputation on the global stage and becoming the trusted choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence.

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