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Cleveland Left Handed RTX Zipcore Modus Satin Wedge
Cleveland Left Handed RTX Zipcore Modus Satin Wedge
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ClevelandCleveland Left Handed RTX Zipcore Modus Satin Wedge

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Cleveland Left Handed RTX Zipcore Modus Satin Wedge

Cleveland Left Handed RTX Zipcore Satin Wedge

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"Revolutionize your game with the Cleveland Left Handed RTX Zipcore Satin Wedge, where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched performance. This wedge is a testament to Cleveland's commitment to innovation, featuring the revolutionary ZipCore technology at its heart. ZipCore, a low-density material, redefines the wedge by repositioning mass for optimal design freedom, enhancing MOI and shifting the CG for precision shots that consistently hit the sweet spot. The introduction of UltiZip Grooves marks a significant advancement in spin technology, with sharper, deeper grooves that cut through grass more effectively, and two additional grooves per face for maximized contact. This not only adds spin but ensures each shot is played with unparalleled consistency. The RTX Zipcore doesn't just stop at performance; its durability is enhanced through a meticulous heat treatment process, ensuring your wedge remains a reliable companion for countless rounds. Experience the perfect blend of spin, distance, control, and feel, and take your short game to the next level."




Revolutions need revolutionary tech. So we tore our flagship RTX wedge down to its core and rebuilt it from the inside out. Introducing RTX ZipCore.

The ZipCore is a low-density material at the heart of RTX. It’s an inside-to-out solution that’s elegant in form and function, with unprecedented results.



By replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core, ZipCore repositions mass for kid-in-a candy-shop levels of design freedom.

It’s how we pumped in a mountain of High-Low MOI that just wasn’t there before. And it’s how we repositioned the CG so more of your shots land on the sweet spot.

The result? More consistency across the board. Spin, distance, feel, control—better, better, BETTER. You just leveled up, friend.



More grooves is better. Better grooves is better. But more better grooves? That’s game changing.

Introducing the new UltiZip Grooves. They’re our sharpest yet, so they cut through grass more effectively. They’re also our deepest, which channels debris more efficiently. Plus, they’re packed tightly, so we’ve added 2 extra grooves per wedge face for more edge contact on every shot.

Yeah, these grooves add spin. But more importantly, they add consistency, so that every lie is a good lie. And every shot behaves as you’d expect, with fewer surprises and more chances to score.



All the spin tech in the world can’t do you much good if it wears away after a few rounds. So how do you make a longer lasting wedge face?

Easy. Just rearrange the 8620 carbon steel’s crystalline grain structure, making it more uniform and therefore more durable, while also eliminating impurities, relieving internal stresses, and reducing brittleness.

A measured, timed blast of heat can do wonders for a wedge’s metallurgic properties. Ultimately, it means you’ll love your RTX ZipCore for round after round after round…

Cleveland Golf, renowned for its mastery in wedges, is the secret weapon in the arsenal of many top pro golfers. These are not just clubs; they're precision instruments that turn the tide of the game with each short shot. Since joining the DUNLOP Group in 2007, Cleveland has blended the timeless elegance of classic design with the forefront of technological innovation. The result? Clubs that not only promise but "lock in victory," earning a reputation on the global stage and becoming the trusted choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence.

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