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Cobra Left Handed LTDx Fairway
Cobra Left Handed LTDx Fairway
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CobraCobra Left Handed LTDx Fairway

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Cobra Left Handed LTDx Fairway

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"Step onto the course with the Cobra Left Handed LTDx Fairway, a true distance machine engineered to cater to golfers of all levels seeking pure distance, high launch, and straight ball flights. This fairway wood is a marvel of innovation, incorporating PWR-COR Technology™, which utilizes a multi-material weighting system of steel, titanium, and aluminum. This ingenious design positions mass low and forward in the clubhead, melding low spin with explosive ball speed to maximize distance. Equipped with H.O.T Face Technology™, designed through advanced A.I., it features 15 optimized zones that significantly increase ball speed and smash factor across the entire face. The addition of an 8g fixed back weight not only enhances forgiveness but also ensures a higher ball flight, making every shot count. Progressive rails have been thoughtfully designed, with no rails on the 3W for those with a sweeping, shallow swing, and pronounced rails on the 5W and 7W to optimize turf interaction for steeper swings. The lightweight carbon crown is a masterpiece of design, thinner than ever before, allowing for an improved CG/MOI that elevates performance to new heights. Embrace the game-changing power and precision of the Cobra LTDx Fairway and experience the future of fairway woods."



The Left Handed LTDx™ Fairway is designed for pure distance, high launch, and straight ball flights.



A PWR-COR multi-material weighting system consisting of steel, titanium and aluminum positions mass low and forward to combine low spin with faster ball speed for maximized distance


H.O.T (Highly Optimized Topology) Face Technology utilizes A.I to design 15 HOT zones to increase ball speed and smash factor across the face.


An 8g fixed back weight enhances forgiveness and promotes a higher ball flight.


The 3W features no rails to account for a sweeping, shallow swing while the 5W and 7W features pronounced rails to improve turf interaction for steeper swings.


A new carbon crown material is thinner and frees up more discretionary weight to improve CG/MOI properties.

Celebrating 50 years of unparalleled dedication and innovation, COBRA Golf's KING family of irons stands testament to Tom Crow's legacy. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, achieved through an industry-leading fifth strike in the forging process, these irons cater to the demands of discerning Left Handed players worldwide. At COBRA, it's not just about superior golf clubs; it's about honouring the people and passion behind every swing.

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