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Cobra Left Handed Air X 2.0 Hybrid
Cobra Left Handed Air X 2.0 Hybrid
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CobraCobra Left Handed Air X 2.0 Hybrid

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Cobra Left Handed Air X 2.0 Hybrid

Cobra Left Handed Air X 2.0 Hybrid

left handed says 

"Unlock a world of performance with the Cobra Left Handed Air X 2.0 Hybrid, where lightweight construction meets cutting-edge technology. Designed for golfers with a smooth swing, this hybrid aims to boost your club speed and distance effortlessly. Featuring the innovative H.O.T. Face insert for increased forgiveness and an A.I.-designed pattern for consistent performance across the face. With its lightweight design, heel weighting, and offset hosel, achieving a straighter ball flight has never been easier. Get ready to experience a game where power meets precision."


Featuring a lightweight construction, and an all new H.O.T. Face insert, the AIR-X hybrid is designed to help golfers with smooth tempos generate increased club speed and distance.

Using a lighter head, shaft and grip makes the club feel significantly lighter enabling faster clubhead speed without having to swing harder.

An A.I. designed variable thickness pattern increases forgiveness across the face. 

We positioned as much weight as possible in the heel of the club to make it easier to turn the club over for a straighter ball flight.

An offset hosel helps to eliminate a slice and promotes a straighter ball flight.

Celebrating 50 years of unparalleled dedication and innovation, COBRA Golf's KING family of irons stands testament to Tom Crow's legacy. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, achieved through an industry-leading fifth strike in the forging process, these irons cater to the demands of discerning Left Handed players worldwide. At COBRA, it's not just about superior golf clubs; it's about honouring the people and passion behind every swing.

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