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Cobra Left Handed King Radspeed XB TOUR Driver
Cobra Left Handed King Radspeed XB TOUR Driver
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CobraCobra Left Handed King Radspeed XB TOUR Driver

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Cobra Left Handed King Radspeed XB TOUR Driver

left handed says 

"Step onto the tee with confidence wielding the Cobra Left Handed King Radspeed XB TOUR Driver, your key to unlocking the longest and most forgiving ball flight. This driver boasts an oversized 460cc shape and back-biased radial weighting, designed to optimize low spin and deliver unmatched distance. With 34g of weight meticulously positioned for maximum forgiveness and an additional 8g to reduce spin, every drive promises to be your best. The thin-ply Carbon Wrap Crown and T-Bar Chassis work in unison to redistribute discretionary weight, enhancing your performance with every shot. The CNC Milled Infinity Face further maximizes ball speed, ensuring that each drive is not only long but impressively fast. Perfect for golfers seeking to elevate their game with precision engineering and radical performance gains."


The LEFT HANDED RADSPEED™ XB (XTREME Back) TOUR Driver features an oversized shape (460cc) and back-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver the longest and most forgiving ball flight with low spin.


The LEFT HANDED RADSPEED™ XB TOUR driver features 34g positioned in the back (18g of fixed weight and a 16g interchangeable weight) to create our most forgiving LEFT HANDED RADSPEED™ model. An additional 8g of fixed weight is positioned in the front to lower spin for the longest and fastest ball flights.


The Carbon Wrap Crown system features a new carbon fiber material that is 30% thinner which creates another 6 grams of discretionary weight that can be repositioned to optimize performance.


A refined T-Bar Speed Chassis design is 7 grams lighter, giving us even more discretionary weight to position more mass forward within the frame to decrease spin and increase ball speed.


An infinity edge face design expands the milled area by 95%, increasing the zone of maximum ball speed.

Celebrating 50 years of unparalleled dedication and innovation, COBRA Golf's KING family of irons stands testament to Tom Crow's legacy. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, achieved through an industry-leading fifth strike in the forging process, these irons cater to the demands of discerning Left Handed players worldwide. At COBRA, it's not just about superior golf clubs; it's about honouring the people and passion behind every swing.

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