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Cobra Left Handed Snakebite 23 Chrome Wedge
Cobra Left Handed Snakebite 23 Chrome Wedge
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CobraCobra Left Handed Snakebite 23 Chrome Wedge

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Cobra Left Handed Snakebite 23 Chrome Wedge

left handed says 

"Introducing the Cobra Left Handed Snakebite 23 Chrome Wedge, a masterpiece of engineering designed to elevate your short game to new heights. With the most aggressive grooves to date, the SNAKEBITE Wedge is engineered to deliver maximum spin and control, allowing your game to achieve the bite it deserves. The ultra-precise CNC Milled SNAKEBITE grooves are 11% deeper with 40% sharper edges, ensuring optimal spin and performance in any conditions. A versatile notch design enhances your shot-making ability, moving the classic COBRA notch towards the heel for improved delivery through turf or sand, particularly in the 58° & 60° lofts. The durable satin QPQ finish not only reduces glare but adds a sophisticated aesthetic to your golf bag. With full face grooves for superior spin performance on off-center shots (available in 56, 58, 60-degree options), and an updated face milling pattern for 50% more spin in wet conditions, the Snakebite Chrome Wedge is your key to dominating the greens. Embrace the power of versatility with three grind options to suit every shot, every condition, and every golfer’s style, making it a formidable tool in any golfer's arsenal."


The SNAKEBITE Wedge features our most aggressive grooves to date designed to maximize spin, while a versatile notch design delivers unparalleled shot-making around the greens. A satin QPQ finish that is highly durable and reduces glare in sunlight.

Bite Hard

Designed with our most aggressive groove to date, SNAKEBITE Wedges deliver superior control and the BITE your game has been missing

Snakebite Grooves. More Spin.

Celebrating 50 years of unparalleled dedication and innovation, COBRA Golf's KING family of irons stands testament to Tom Crow's legacy. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, achieved through an industry-leading fifth strike in the forging process, these irons cater to the demands of discerning Left Handed players worldwide. At COBRA, it's not just about superior golf clubs; it's about honouring the people and passion behind every swing.

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