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Golphin Left Handed GFK+ 728 48
Golphin Left Handed GFK+ 728 48"-51.5" 5 Club Set
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GolphinGolphin Left Handed GFK+ 728 48"-51.5" 5 Club Set


Golphin Left Handed GFK+ 728 48"-51.5" 5 Club Set

Golphin Left Handed GFK+ 728 48"-51.5" 5 Club Set


Golf Clubs For 7-8 Year Olds


It’s time to start taking golfing seriously with the GFK+ 728 golf club set. Our GFK+ line which has been designed specifically for 7 to 8-year-olds uses modern innovative design so that your junior golfer can take that next step into the world of competition. These clubs help bridge the gap from beginners to winners and do so with a set of well-tailored clubs accommodating to your little one’s frame and strength. 

If you want a great golf club set for 7 to 8-year-old junior players, designed to help them find their feet in the world of competition with the assurance that they will not be failed by their club set, the GFK+ 728 sets are ideal for you.

Four-Stage Design

Children between heights of 48" - 51.5" (122cm - 131cm) who have had experience in golfing and are ready to compete need a set of clubs that have been designed specifically for them and their growth.

These clubs have a four-stage design process that has been engineered by an experienced team of golf club experts so that your junior can play with great flex and torque which maintains performance as the player grows taller, stronger and increases their club head speed.

What’s in the bag?

Our GFK+ 5-Club Sets include:

  • 1x Driver
  • 1x #7 Iron
  • 1x #9 Iron
  • 1x Sand Wedge
  • 1x Putter
  • 1x GFK+ Bag

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