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Mizuno Left Handed JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro Irons
Mizuno Left Handed JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro Irons
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MizunoMizuno Left Handed JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro Irons

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From £142.00
From £142.00

Mizuno Left Handed JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro Irons

left handed says 

"Step up your precision with the Mizuno Left Handed JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro Irons. Tailored for the confident ball-striker, these irons blend Mizuno's cutting-edge technology with a player's need for speed and control. Crafted from the revolutionary Nickel Chromoly, these irons promise a thinner, faster clubface without sacrificing feel, thanks to the innovative V-Chassis. Enjoy seamless power, a solid feel, and a glare-reducing white-satin brush finish. Perfect for those who demand precision without compromise, the JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro sets a new standard for player's irons."



Mizuno’s JPX923 irons are engineered for custom performance. Five unique iron models created from three specific metals - based on Swing DNA data from over 350,000 real golfers. The expanded head options combine with one of over 50 custom shafts for specific trajectory, ball speed and ease of use. This creates options for elite tour players, slow swinging amateurs and every player in between.


Compact, with minimal offset for confident ball-strikers seeking maximum ball speed.


  • FASTER NICKEL CHROMOLY: New 4335 Nickel Chromoly is 35% stronger than our original Chromoly, for an 8% thinner, high ball speed clubface.
  • V-CHASSIS FOR MORE SOLID FEEL: Mizuno’s new V-Chassis delivers a more solid satisfying vibration pattern, even though the clubface is 8% thinner.
  • INCREASED STOPPING POWER: Seamless cup face construction delivers the deep centre of gravity needed for a high launch and controllable landing angle.
  • CONSISTENT BALL SPEEDS ACROSS THE FACE: The thinnest part of the sole is extended 18% wider, creating a wider high-energy area.
  • WHITE-SATIN BRUSH: Non-reflective, Chrome plated finish to reduce bright light glare.
In 1933, a journey began from a humble kimono shop to the world's elite golfing stages. Rihachi Mizuno's vision transformed into a reality, creating a legacy where craftsmanship meets passion. Fast forward to today, and Mizuno's irons are the top choice among tour players in the US PGA and European Tours. It's not just about contracts; it's about trust, performance, and a lineage of major winners and world number ones who chose Mizuno as their companion in the climb to greatness. A true testament to a brand that's become synonymous with excellence in golf.

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