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Odyssey Left Handed White Hot Versa One CH Putter
Odyssey Left Handed White Hot Versa One CH Putter
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OdysseyOdyssey Left Handed White Hot Versa One CH Putter

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Odyssey Left Handed White Hot Versa One CH Putter

left handed says 

"Introducing the Odyssey Left Handed White Hot Versa One CH Putter, a cutting-edge tool designed to transform your putting game. Boasting Odyssey's patented high-contrast Versa alignment technology, this putter ensures impeccable face angle accuracy from address through to impact, drastically improving alignment and overall performance. Crafted with input from Tour Pros and the esteemed Phil Kenyon, the Versa putters cater to a wide array of preferences with various blade and mallet designs, all featuring the iconic White Hot insert for exceptional feel, sound, and performance. The introduction of the revolutionary Red Stroke Lab shaft, now lighter and stiffer, marks a significant advancement in putter technology, offering unparalleled stability and consistency. The White Hot Versa One CH Putter embodies the pinnacle of Odyssey's innovation, combining tour-proven technologies with groundbreaking advancements for a putting experience that is unmatched. Upgrade your game and experience the confidence that comes with precision alignment and superior feel with every putt."



Left Handed Say

"Introducing the new and improved Left Handed Versa putters, featuring our patented high-contrast alignment technology that highlights the proper face angle from address to impact, resulting in better alignment and improved performance. These left handed putters are designed with Tour Pros and renowned instructor Phil Kenyon's feedback in mind, and come in a variety of blade and mallet designs, each with the iconic White Hot insert and game-changing Red Stroke Lab shaft. Versa technology has been proven on tours all over the world, and now, with the added White Hot insert, and the new Red Stroke Lab shaft, it's better than ever. Upgrade your game with the Versa left handed putters today."



Now Alignment Is As Simple As Black and White   

Versa high contrast alignment technology highlights the proper face angle from address to impact, allowing you to align the putter throughout your stroke. The black and white contrast lets your eyes key in on the linear designs while highlighting face angle

Versa Alignment   

This proven, major winning Versa technology has dominated on Tours all over the world. The black and white high contrast alignment system helps golfers with their alignment at address and through your stroke. It highlights the proper face angle and improving concentration, so you make more putts.

White Hot Insert

The original White Hot formulation creates incredible feel, sound, and performance in one exceptional two-part urethane insert. Versa and the iconic White Hot insert are long time favorites of tour players and golfers alike. They’ve been asking for us to bring these technologies back and we’ve listened. 

Red Stroke Lab Shaft  

The newest generation of our proven multi-material Stroke Lab shaft features even better performance. By shortening the steel section, we reduced the weight by seven grams from the previous generation. We also made it stiffer and more stable for even more consistency in your stroke and your performance.

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