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Ping Left Handed G LE2

Ping Left Handed G LE2

Advancements in technology, lighter overall club weight, expanded fitting options and premium materials combine to make the new G Le2 family PING’s highest performing women’s clubs to date. The complete line of clubs is available at authorised PING golf shops from 18th July and for pre-order in store now.


PING G LE2 Driver

Lighter, Faster and More Forgiving

G Le2 maximises swing speed through a lighter overall system weight for gaining clubhead speed, an aerodynamic head to reduce drag and a thinner face for faster ball velocity.

Aerodynamic Shape

The rounder 460cc head is aerodynamically shaped to promote faster clubhead speed. Internal heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin for straighter ball flights. Softer crown turbulators help frame the ball at address.

Faster Face

A thinner, ultra-strong T9S+ face increases deflection for faster ball speed and greater distance by optimising clubhead speed with this lighter, higher-MOI head. The creased crown stiffens the head structure and aids in alignment.

Adjusts For Loft & Lie

Trajectory Tuning 2.0 in the G Le2 driver utilises a new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that provides eight positions for influencing ball flight through loft (±1.5°) and lie adjustments, including up to 3° flatter than standard.

PING G LE2 Fairway

Easy Launching, Adjusting

By introducing eight-position loft adjustability, a thinner, faster maraging C300 face and significantly higher MOI, G Le2 fairways are lighter, easy to launch, more forgiving and make it simple to dial in your custom fit. With internal weighting that promotes right-to-left spin to steer the ball back on line.

Lofts: 3W (19°), 5W (22⁰), 7W (26⁰), 9W (30⁰)

PING G LE2 Irons

Light, Long and Straight

More precise and forgiving, G Le2 irons utilise COR-Eye Technology and a top-rail undercut to increase face flexing and increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) by 10%. Aided by a lighter swing weight, the simultaneous gains in ball speed and shot height help carry the ball farther. A co-moulded cavity badge ensures enhanced feel and sound at impact.

Available: 6-9, PW, UW, SW

PING G LE2 Hybrid

Faster, Higher

A thinner, hotter Carpenter 455 face and lighter swing weight generate faster ball speeds while a lower, deeper CG helps launch the ball high with greater forgiveness on a steep landing angle so your shots hold the green. Softer crown turbulators to match the driver help capture the ball at address.

Lofts: 4H (22⁰), 5H (26⁰), 6H (30⁰), 7H (34⁰)


PING G LE2 Putter Range

More Feel, Forgiveness

Enhanced feel and forgiveness and a new adjustable-length shaft improve performance and fitting opportunities in the new G Le2 putters. A dual-durometer face insert provides a soft layer for precision, a firm layer for control. The easy-to-use adjustable shaft allows self-fitting for length between 31" and 35". A new, softer- feeling PP59 midsize grip fits comfortably into the palms.

Models: Anser, Echo, Shea

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