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Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL HY-WOOD Fairway
Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL HY-WOOD Fairway
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ClevelandCleveland Left Handed Launcher XL HY-WOOD Fairway

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Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL HY-WOOD Fairway

Cleveland Left Handed Launcher XL HY-WOOD Fairway

Left Handed Golf Says:

"Fancy the control of a Hybrid with the muscle of a Fairway Wood? The Cleveland Launcher XL HY-WOOD Fairway is your answer. A masterpiece of golf club engineering, it merges the finest traits of both worlds. Bid farewell to those duff-inducing Fairway Woods and maintain your bag's harmony with seamless gapping. The Hy-Wood's unique clubhead design and lightweight shaft are the tickets to an effortless swing and enviable distance. It’s not just a club; it’s your new fairway-conquering companion."

Want Hybrid control and Fairway Wood distance? Try a Hy-Wood. It’s the best elements of a Hybrid design combined with the best aspects of a Fairway Wood. So you can ditch those duff-prone Fairway Woods while still maintaining proper gapping at the top of your bag.


Hy-Wood Construction

A totally unique clubhead design blending the control of a Hybrid with the distance of a Fairway Wood, its head size and shape, along with its shaft length, fall directly between Fairway Woods and Hybrids. Plus, its lightweight Fairway Wood shaft provides an easy swing with maximum distance.

MainFrame XL Face

MainFrame XL Face Technology uses a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex at impact to boost distance. It also repositions weight low and deep in the clubhead for added forgiveness and consistency.


Our proprietary GlideRail Technology gets a new, optimized design to deliver cleaner, uninterrupted swings through the turf. Three rails along the sole of the club help keep the face straight through impact.

XL Head Design

With an improved XL Head Design packing even more MOI than last generation, plus a low-and-deep weighting profile, players can enjoy long, high-launching ball flight with plenty of forgiveness.

Rebound Frame

Instead of giving it one flex zone, we’ve got two. With alternating flex zones acting in-sync, Rebound Frame directs more energy into the ball for speed and distance on every shot.

Action Mass CB

An 8-gram weight tucked into the end of the shaft counterbalances the club for more control without extra effort. This counterweight helps the club feel lighter on takeaway and stay stable through impact.

Cleveland Golf, renowned for its mastery in wedges, is the secret weapon in the arsenal of many top pro golfers. These are not just clubs; they're precision instruments that turn the tide of the game with each short shot. Since joining the DUNLOP Group in 2007, Cleveland has blended the timeless elegance of classic design with the forefront of technological innovation. The result? Clubs that not only promise but "lock in victory," earning a reputation on the global stage and becoming the trusted choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence.

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