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Taylormade Left Handed Qi10 Max Fairway
Taylormade Left Handed Qi10 Max Fairway
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TaylorMadeTaylormade Left Handed Qi10 Max Fairway

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Taylormade Left Handed Qi10 Max Fairway

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"Step up your game with the Taylormade Left Handed Qi10 Max Fairway, a club that redefines effortless performance and forgiveness. Equipped with the new Infinity Carbon Crown, this fairway wood achieves optimal weight distribution and a lower CG, ensuring longer distances with every shot. The advanced laser alignment feature sharpens your aim, giving you confidence to hit your target with precision. The Qi10 Max Fairway boasts a larger 200cc head size, designed for extreme forgiveness and the highest MOI TaylorMade has ever produced in a fairway wood. The low CG and added loft create a fairway wood that launches exceptionally high, optimized for maximum carry distance. Confidence at address is guaranteed with its slightly shallower, oversized head, making it a perfect choice for players seeking to improve their performance with fairway woods, whether off the deck or from the tee. With proven TaylorMade technologies like V Steel™ for improved turf interaction and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket for enhanced ball speed, combined with Twist Face technology for straighter shots, the Qi10 Max Fairway is your ticket to better, more confident play."



  • The new Infinity Carbon Crown and sleek hosel design frees up mass for optimal weight distribution and lower CG to deliver longer distance.
  • The clean address view highlights the advanced laser alignment feature that allows for precision aim


  • The larger 200cc head size and infinity carbon crown provides the platform to move mass to the far perimeter of the club for extreme forgiveness with the highest MOI fairway TaylorMade has produced.
  • A very low CG and additional loft is provided for a fairway wood designed for extremely high launch and optimized for carry distance.


  • A slightly shallower, oversized 200cc head provides confidence for players who typically struggle to hit fairway woods off the deck or from the tee.


  • V Steel™ is a modern classic. This iconic TaylorMade technology stays true to its heritage by improving turf interaction and versatility.
  • Protect ball speed with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, designed to optimize ball speed on low face hits.
  • Twist Face uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots
In the spring of 1979, Gary Adams, a golf equipment salesman, founded TaylorMade Golf Company when leasing a former television assembly plant, starting with three employees and an innovative 12-degree driver made of stainless steel, known as a "metalwood." This product, differing in look, sound, and performance from traditional wooden clubs, featured perimeter-weighting for improved forgiveness and a lower center of gravity for easier ball launch. Adams, whose father was a golf professional, insisted on blending innovation with the authentic feel of traditional golf clubs, underpinning the company's commitment to passion, authenticity, innovation, and competitiveness. These principles propelled TaylorMade's growth and remain core to the company's ethos, continuing to guide its mission to produce the world's best-performing golf products for Left Handed players at all levels.

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