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Taylormade Left Handed Spider GTX Black SB Putter
Taylormade Left Handed Spider GTX Black SB Putter
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TaylorMadeTaylormade Left Handed Spider GTX Black SB Putter

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Taylormade Left Handed Spider GTX Black SB Putter

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"Step onto the green with confidence wielding the Taylormade Left Handed Spider GTX Black SB Putter, a marvel of engineering that redefines stability in putting. The Spider GTX stands as a testament to Taylormade's commitment to excellence, drawing inspiration from the legacy of Spider designs with its True Path alignment and pioneering extreme back weighting for unmatched forgiveness. This putter is crafted with a precision lightweight 6061 Aluminum cap, weighting at 194 grams, strategically designed to allocate more weight towards the perimeter of the frame, ensuring a steadier hand. The inclusion of a heavy stainless steel back weight stability bar, weighing 154 grams, positions the center of gravity deeper, mitigating face rotation and boosting overall stability for a consistent putt. At the heart of this putter lies the Pure Roll2 Insert, a co-molded, firmer insert of black TPU urethane and silver aluminum beams set at a meticulous 45° angle to enhance topspin and accuracy across the entire face. The True Path Alignment feature is the cherry on top, offering a clear visual guide that frames the ball and outlines a direct path to the hole, empowering golfers to putt with precision and confidence. The Spider GTX Black SB Putter is not just a putter; it's a game-changer, designed to elevate your performance on the green to new heights."



Spider GTX sets the standard for performance and construction. The GTX shape resembles the past Spider shapes with True Path and a new extreme back weighting for forgiveness.


Made from lightweight 6061 Aluminum, the 194 gram top allows more weight to transfer to the outside of the frame


The back weight ring is made of heavy stainless steel – 154 grams, that creates a deeper CG for less face rotation and enhanced stability.


The firmer co-molded insert, manufactured of black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams at a 45° angle designed to improve topspin across the face.


The white space in the center of the putter helps frame the ball and creates a path to the hole.

In the spring of 1979, Gary Adams, a golf equipment salesman, founded TaylorMade Golf Company when leasing a former television assembly plant, starting with three employees and an innovative 12-degree driver made of stainless steel, known as a "metalwood." This product, differing in look, sound, and performance from traditional wooden clubs, featured perimeter-weighting for improved forgiveness and a lower center of gravity for easier ball launch. Adams, whose father was a golf professional, insisted on blending innovation with the authentic feel of traditional golf clubs, underpinning the company's commitment to passion, authenticity, innovation, and competitiveness. These principles propelled TaylorMade's growth and remain core to the company's ethos, continuing to guide its mission to produce the world's best-performing golf products for Left Handed players at all levels.

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