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Srixon Left Handed ZX MKII Fairway
Srixon Left Handed ZX MKII Fairway
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SrixonSrixon Left Handed ZX MKII Fairway

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Srixon Left Handed ZX MKII Fairway

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"The Srixon Left Handed ZX Mk II Fairway Woods are your ticket to unmatched versatility in the long game. Whether off the deck or the tee, these fairway woods are designed to deliver explosive ball speed and exceptional distance. Featuring advanced Ti51AF Titanium alloy construction and the innovative Rebound Frame design, the ZX Mk II introduces dual flex zones for a powerful energy transfer at impact. This unique construction ensures that whether you're reaching for the green in two or finding the fairway on a tight par 4, your shots are backed by superior technology. The stepped crown and carbon crown (on select models) work together to lower the center of gravity, enhancing launch trajectory for higher, longer shots with forgiveness. Coupled with the Cannon Sole, a floating weight pad optimizes launch conditions without compromising COR, making the ZX Mk II Fairway Woods a formidable ally for any shot you face on the course."


Long game versatility is critical. ZX Mk II Fairway Woods carry as much power off the deck as they do off a tee, giving you ball speed and great distance wherever you need it.


Here’s how it works: Like any modern Wood, the speed of ZX Mk II starts with a flexible face—and our face is especially fast thanks to its advanced Ti51AF Titanium alloy construction.

The similarities end there, though, because Rebound Frame adds a second flexible zone, a ring of thin titanium in the body. When these two zones flex simultaneously at impact, then snap back into shape, their compounded energy transfer is far more powerful than single-flex designs.


A stepped crown lowers the clubhead’s Center of Gravity, ultimately raising launch trajectory for higher, longer shots off the deck, with more forgiveness.


The 3-Wood and 3+-Wood use a strong but lightweight carbon crown instead of a metal crown, maximizing COR and positioning mass low for forgiveness on every shot.


A dynamic, floating weight pad moves the weight right where you want it without reducing COR—optimizing launch while also allowing space for improved face flex and ball speed. Especially helpful for shots struck low on the face.

For those who pulse with the thrill of competition and savor every victory, SRIXON stands as the brand of choice. It's where cutting-edge technology meets the fervent spirit of players determined to elevate their game. SRIXON clubs are engineered to unleash and maximize performance potential, embodying the relentless pursuit of improvement. Collaborating with PGA Tour pros and elite golfers worldwide, SRIXON develops gear that resonates with the passionate golfer's ambition to face and conquer new challenges, ensuring every swing is a step towards triumph.

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