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Srixon Left Handed ZX MKII UT Iron
Srixon Left Handed ZX MKII UT Iron
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SrixonSrixon Left Handed ZX MKII UT Iron

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Srixon Left Handed ZX MKII UT Iron

left handed says 

"The Srixon Left Handed ZX Mk II Utility Irons redefine the long-game for all players, from weekend warriors to tour professionals. Combining the elegance of a blade with the power of a hollow build, these utility irons boast a low center of gravity and unmatched forgiveness, making it easier to elevate your launch. Designed with a narrow topline, the widest soles, and minimal offset, they promise a blade-like appearance with the performance of a game-improvement iron. The MainFrame technology, with its intricate pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities, maximizes flex at impact for increased COR, consistency, and forgiveness. Sole notches enhance clubhead speed through the turf, offering improved shot versatility. With forged SUP10 faces for speed and distance, and a 1020 Carbon Steel body for a softer feel, the ZX Mk II Utility Irons are your secret weapon for long-game precision and power."


Left Handed ZX Mk II Utility replacement long Irons offer every player—even tour pros—more long-game power, control, and forgiveness in a blade-like design with a hollow build. Their low Centers of Gravity and long-Iron forgiveness easily elevate your launch. Featuring a narrow topline, our widest soles, and minimal offset.


MainFrame is a variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities carefully milled into the backside of ZX4 Mk II, ZX5 Mk II, and ZX Mk II Utility Iron faces that maximizes flex at impact. MainFrame not only boosts COR, it also repositions mass away from the face and into the toe and sole for a lower Center of Gravity. This creates more than just faster ball speed, but also more consistency and forgiveness, enhancing all aspects of your Iron play, shot for shot.


Sole notches on the heel and toe sides lessen drag by reducing the amount of surface area that contacts the ground. Ultimately, they provide better clubhead speed through turf and improve shot versatility without sacrificing forgiveness.


ZX Mk II Utility’s forged SUP10 faces are strong yet light—increasing face-flex at impact for enhanced speed and distance—while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for a softer feel.

For those who pulse with the thrill of competition and savor every victory, SRIXON stands as the brand of choice. It's where cutting-edge technology meets the fervent spirit of players determined to elevate their game. SRIXON clubs are engineered to unleash and maximize performance potential, embodying the relentless pursuit of improvement. Collaborating with PGA Tour pros and elite golfers worldwide, SRIXON develops gear that resonates with the passionate golfer's ambition to face and conquer new challenges, ensuring every swing is a step towards triumph.

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