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Srixon Left Handed ZX4 MKII Graphite Irons
Srixon Left Handed ZX4 MKII Graphite Irons
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SrixonSrixon Left Handed ZX4 MKII Graphite Irons

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Srixon Left Handed ZX4 MKII Graphite Irons

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"Step into a realm where forgiveness meets power with the Srixon Left Handed ZX4 Mk II Graphite Irons, designed specifically for mid- to high-handicap players yearning for game improvement. These irons are a masterpiece of design, blending sleek aesthetics with a premium forged feel, while hiding a secret weapon – maximum forgiveness coupled with explosive distance. The heart of this power lies in the hollow head design, fortified with extra-strong lofts. Experience the artful combination of a narrow topline, moderate sole width, the longest blade length, and the highest offset, all tailored to elevate your game. The cutting-edge MainFrame technology, a meticulously milled variable thickness pattern, maximizes flex upon impact, enhancing COR and distributing mass strategically for a lower Center of Gravity. This innovation doesn't just promise faster ball speeds; it guarantees consistency and forgiveness that refine every aspect of iron play. With the dynamic Tour V.T. Sole, maintain clubhead speed through any turf, ensuring clean strikes and seamless play. Progressive grooves from the 3i–7i with wide channels suit longer shots in any condition, while the 8i–AW feature tighter grooves for optimal spin on approach. Laser milling between grooves across all lofts enhances friction, ensuring that spin, distance, and launch remain consistent across the set. The ZX4 Mk II Graphite Irons aren't just clubs; they're your ticket to transcending limitations, shot after shot."


Left Handed ZX4 Mk II Irons present game improvement forgiveness for mid- to high- handicap players. Behind the Irons' sleek?address looks and premium forged feel?is?maximum forgiveness plus powerful distance. And it's all thanks to a hollow head design with extra-strong lofts. Featuring a narrow topline, moderate sole width,?our longest blade length, and our highest offset.


MainFrame is a variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities carefully milled into the backside of ZX4 Mk II, ZX5 Mk II, and ZX Mk II Utility Iron faces that maximizes flex at impact. MainFrame not only boosts COR, it also repositions mass away from the face and into the toe and sole for a lower Center of Gravity. This creates more than just faster ball speed, but also more consistency and forgiveness, enhancing all aspects of your Iron play, shot for shot.


Our dynamic Tour V.T. Sole helps maintain clubhead speed through impact for clean strikes across fairway, rough and sand—even if you contact the turf slightly behind the ball. A higher bounce on the leading edge prevents digging; then, a lower bounce on the trailing edge curves away from the turf, so you can still manipulate face angle for maximum workability.


The 3i–7i feature wide grooves, ideal for longer shots in all conditions. The 8i–AW have deeper, closer set grooves which cut through grass and debris to enhance spin on approach shots. Laser milling between each groove, on every loft, enhances friction in all conditions. The result is congruency across the set, as spin, distance, and launch window remain as consistent as possible.

For those who pulse with the thrill of competition and savor every victory, SRIXON stands as the brand of choice. It's where cutting-edge technology meets the fervent spirit of players determined to elevate their game. SRIXON clubs are engineered to unleash and maximize performance potential, embodying the relentless pursuit of improvement. Collaborating with PGA Tour pros and elite golfers worldwide, SRIXON develops gear that resonates with the passionate golfer's ambition to face and conquer new challenges, ensuring every swing is a step towards triumph.

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