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Srixon Left Handed ZX5 Driver
Srixon Left Handed ZX5 Driver
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SrixonSrixon Left Handed ZX5 Driver

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Srixon Left Handed ZX5 Driver

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"Step up to the tee with unwavering confidence with the Srixon Left Handed ZX5 Driver, a technological marvel 'that redefines your drive. Srixon's pioneering Rebound Frame Technology channels your energy directly into the golf ball, unlocking incredible speed and jaw-dropping distance. Designed for golfers who crave straight, high-launching drives that carry far, the ZX5's expanded footprint and strategic sole weighting ensure each drive is not just long, but laser-accurate. Benefit from the enhanced forgiveness of a larger carbon crown and fine-tune your game with adjustable swing weight and hosel settings. This driver is not only about power; it's about precision, giving you the tools to craft the perfect shot. Embrace the fusion of technology and playability and let the ZX5 Driver lead the way to your best rounds yet."


Gain total confidence with the all-new Srixon LEFT HANDED ZX5 Driver. Featuring Srixon’s new Rebound Frame Technology, the LEFT HANDED ZX5 Driver focuses your energy into the golf ball for incredible speed and distance. The new LEFT HANDED ZX5 Driver from Srixon is ideal for straight drives that launch high and carry far.

A larger overall footprint and flattened shape, along with a single sole weight placed low and deep, make the new Srixon LEFT HANDED ZX5 Driver ideal for straight drives that launch high and carry huge distances. Focus your energy with the all-new LEFT HANDED ZX5 Drivers from Srixon.

Rebound Frame

By focusing more energy into the golf ball, Rebound Frame's unique structure increases ball speed and distance on every shot, especially center-face impacts.

Carbon Crown

A 15% larger carbon crown repositions mass low, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness.


A weight port allow you to adjust swing weight based on shaft choice and feel preference. An adjustable hosel also provides variation in loft, life, and face angle.

Tour Shaping

Flatter, shallower, and straighter, this new head shape inspires confidence for highly skilled players.

For those who pulse with the thrill of competition and savor every victory, SRIXON stands as the brand of choice. It's where cutting-edge technology meets the fervent spirit of players determined to elevate their game. SRIXON clubs are engineered to unleash and maximize performance potential, embodying the relentless pursuit of improvement. Collaborating with PGA Tour pros and elite golfers worldwide, SRIXON develops gear that resonates with the passionate golfer's ambition to face and conquer new challenges, ensuring every swing is a step towards triumph.

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