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Taylormade Left Handed P7MC 2023 Irons
Taylormade Left Handed P7MC 2023 Irons
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TaylorMadeTaylormade Left Handed P7MC 2023 Irons

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Taylormade Left Handed P7MC 2023 Irons

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"The Taylormade Left Handed P7MC 2023 Irons are a triumph of craftsmanship and performance, designed for those who have honed their game to a fine edge and seek tools that match their skill. With TaylorMade's revolutionary Compact Grain Forging™ process applying unprecedented pressure for the ultimate feel, and tour-inspired shaping for precision playability, these irons are as good as they look—and they look exceptional. Minimal offset and meticulous perimeter weighting fuse control with just the right touch of forgiveness, making the P7MC irons a beacon of refined craftsmanship and performance for the discerning player. Embrace the blend of beauty, precision, and slight forgiveness, designed to celebrate your journey and fuel your continuous pursuit of perfection."



With precision playability and a hint of forgiveness, P·7MC caters to the game’s best ball strikers. These irons will celebrate all the work you’ve put in to get to this point and be the perfect tool for the continued grind.


TaylorMade’s Compact Grain Forging™ process uses 2,000 tons of pressure, more than double the industry standard. The additional force gives us precision control at a micro level and produces a tighter grain structure, creating the best possible feel.


The tour-inspired P·7MC™ fits the eye of discerning players. With minimal offset and perimeter weighting, this classically shaped iron delivers the ultimate in control and precision with a hint of forgiveness.


Compact Grain Forging delivers a refined composition inside and out. The sophisticated craftsmanship comes to life with a satin finish and forged “Metal-T” within the cavity back, creating the unmistakable aesthetic of a premium TaylorMade iron.


Designed with direct input from Tour, P·7MC irons feature a thin topline and progressive offset for a clean look at address. A narrow sole and tight leading edge ensure consistency through the turf.


Every angle is meticulously scrutinized to meet the performance demands of the game’s best ball strikers with perimeter weighting to provide just the right amount of forgiveness.


The 1025 carbon steel is forged five times using a 2,000-ton press, an engineering process designed to produce a tighter grain structure with fewer defects. It is designed to provide the most solid, consistent feel possible.


Precision is paramount. Machining the face ensures precision and quality with an aggressive score line meant for pure shot making.

In the spring of 1979, Gary Adams, a golf equipment salesman, founded TaylorMade Golf Company when leasing a former television assembly plant, starting with three employees and an innovative 12-degree driver made of stainless steel, known as a "metalwood." This product, differing in look, sound, and performance from traditional wooden clubs, featured perimeter-weighting for improved forgiveness and a lower center of gravity for easier ball launch. Adams, whose father was a golf professional, insisted on blending innovation with the authentic feel of traditional golf clubs, underpinning the company's commitment to passion, authenticity, innovation, and competitiveness. These principles propelled TaylorMade's growth and remain core to the company's ethos, continuing to guide its mission to produce the world's best-performing golf products for Left Handed players at all levels.

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