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Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Fairway
Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Fairway
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TitleistTitleist Left Handed TSR1 Fairway

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Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Fairway

left handed says 

"Elevate your game with the Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Fairway, a masterpiece designed for golfers seeking ultra-lightweight speed and effortless launch. This fairway wood features an optimized lightweight configuration and a new open hosel construction, strategically shifting the CG lower and deeper to enhance launch and forgiveness. Advanced modeling and player testing have honed the TSR1 fairways to strike a sublime balance between lightweight feel and maximum inertia, resulting in faster swing and ball speeds. The removal of unwanted weight allows for an incredibly forgiving club that's easy to launch, while player-refined performance ensures the optimal combination of looks, sound, and feel. Coupled with the MMT™ SPEEDMESH shafts, the TSR1 Fairway is your key to unlocking higher launches and greater distances with unmatched stability and energy transfer."



The optimised, lightweight configuration of Titleist TSR1 Fairways makes it easier to generate more speed. A new open hosel construction allows CG to shift lower and deeper for easier launch and more forgiveness.

Optimised Ultra-Lightweight Design

Through advanced modeling and player testing, the TSR1 fairways strike the perfect balance of lightweight feel and maximum inertia to create faster swing speeds and even faster ball speeds.

Open Hosel Construction

This new design removes unwanted weight high in the heel, freeing Titleist engineers to shift the CG lower and further back from the face. This makes TSR1 fairways incredibly forgiving and easy to launch.

Player-Refined Performance

Confidence lies in the details, and TSR1 fairways continue to utilise direct player feedback to dial in the combination of looks, sound and feel that will prompt you to play your best.


Playing at under 45g in all flexes, MMT™ SPEEDMESH offers amazing ultra-lightweight speed with a focused SPEEDMESH application in the tip for incredible stability and energy transfer at impact. It’s a perfect pairing of minimal weight and high launch to bring out the best in TSR1 fairways.


Titleist's journey began in 1932, founded on innovation and precision, when Phil Young discovered a golf ball's off-center core via x-ray, sparking the creation of a brand dedicated to excellence in golf ball manufacturing. With over 80 years of expertise, Titleist has been a leader in design and technology, producing all golf balls in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Their commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in a diverse R&D team and an extensive portfolio of over 1,000 patents. Each golf ball undergoes rigorous testing and validation to meet the highest performance and quality standards, ensuring that every product bearing the Titleist script represents the pinnacle of golfing excellence.

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