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Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Hybrid
Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Hybrid
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TitleistTitleist Left Handed TSR1 Hybrid

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Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Hybrid

left handed says 

"The Titleist Left Handed TSR1 Hybrid is a game-changer for golfers with moderate swing speeds, offering a perfect blend of speed, stability, and forgiveness. With its larger profile head and optimized lightweight design, this hybrid not only increases inertia for better performance but does so without adding unnecessary swing weight. The confidence-inspiring shape mirrors the performance of a fairway metal while maintaining the accuracy of a hybrid, providing an unmatched level of forgiveness that will boost your confidence on the course. Advanced modeling and player testing have resulted in a hybrid that promises faster swing speeds and even faster ball speeds, thanks to its perfect balance of lightweight feel and maximum inertia. Equipped with longer fairway shafts for improved launch performance and clubhead speed, the TSR1 Hybrid stands out as a breakthrough in hybrid technology, offering fairway-like performance with the precision and ease of a hybrid."


Optimised Lightweight Distance

Bring more speed and stability to your hybrid game. For moderate swing speed players, TSR1 Hybrids feature a larger profile head and an optimised, lightweight design that increases inertia without increasing swing weight.

Confidence-Inspiring Shape

The new TSR1 hybrid head shape is slightly larger, offering more of the feel and performance of a fairway metal with the accuracy of a hybrid. The larger profile is more forgiving and inspires greater player confidence over the ball.

Optimised Lightweight Design

Through advanced modeling and player testing, TSR1 hybrids strike the perfect balance of lightweight feel and maximum inertia. It’s a breakthrough approach that leads to faster swing speeds and even faster ball speeds.

Fairway Shaft Performance

TSR1 hybrids are equipped with longer fairway shafts that improve launch performance and clubhead speed. The higher balance point in these shafts is also instrumental in moving more weight into the head without increasing swing weight.

Titleist's journey began in 1932, founded on innovation and precision, when Phil Young discovered a golf ball's off-center core via x-ray, sparking the creation of a brand dedicated to excellence in golf ball manufacturing. With over 80 years of expertise, Titleist has been a leader in design and technology, producing all golf balls in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Their commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in a diverse R&D team and an extensive portfolio of over 1,000 patents. Each golf ball undergoes rigorous testing and validation to meet the highest performance and quality standards, ensuring that every product bearing the Titleist script represents the pinnacle of golfing excellence.

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