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Titleist Left Handed TSR2 Plus Fairway
Titleist Left Handed TSR2 Plus Fairway
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TitleistTitleist Left Handed TSR2 Plus Fairway

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Titleist Left Handed TSR2 Plus Fairway

left handed says 

"Discover the Titleist Left Handed TSR2+ Fairway, a tour-inspired marvel designed to fulfill the demands of the best players in the game. This new model emerges as the ultimate long, forgiving, tee-biased 3-wood, meticulously engineered to excel both off the tee and from the turf. Responding to the requests of tour professionals, the TSR2+ Fairway is your reliable choice when the driver isn't an option, offering a larger profile and a low, deep center of gravity (CG) for extended, forgiving tee shots that don't compromise on accuracy. Its unique build, featuring the deepest CG of any Titleist fairway metal, not only ensures incredible forgiveness but also facilitates a straighter, purer ball flight by aligning the CG closer to the face center. With every design element—from its appearance and acoustic feedback to the feel upon impact—fine-tuned to meet the exacting standards of professional play, the TSR2+ stands as a testament to Titleist's commitment to delivering tour-caliber performance. Coupled with an exceptional range of featured shafts from Graphite Design, the TSR2+ Fairway is the epitome of precision engineering, offering every player the chance to experience tour-inspired performance firsthand."


Tour-Inspired Performance

A new, Tour-inspired model designed to be a long, forgiving, tee-biased 3W that is still playable off the turf.

Tour pros wanted a fairway metal designed to be a go-to off the tee that could still play off the turf. So we created the LEFT HANDED TSR2+ Fairway. What better players want, we deliver.

When driver isn’t the play, Titleist LEFT HANDED TSR2+ Fairway is ready. With a larger profile and a low, deep CG, it plays like a longer, more forgiving, tee-biased 3W. It gives any player yet another way to gain strokes from the tee and fairway.

Built For the Tee

LEFT HANDED TSR2+ has a larger profile and more forgiveness than LEFT HANDED TSR2, making it perfect for players looking for a long but more accurate driving option. Yet with an easy, high launch it still makes for a confident play from the fairway.

Deep, Face-Centered CG

With the deepest CG of any Titleist fairway metal, the LEFT HANDED TSR2+ is incredibly forgiving. Moving the CG closer to the center of the face also aids in creating straighter, purer ball flight. Everything about the CG placement in LEFT HANDED TSR2+ is designed for hitting it far with maximum accuracy.

Tour Inspired Performance

LEFT HANDED TSR2+ is a club that Tour Pros asked for, but their influence goes beyond its creation. Every aspect of how the club looks, sounds and feels has been tuned to deliver the feel and feedback that players need to play their best

Exceptional Featured Shafts

The featured shafts for TSR represent a complete range of high-performance options from Tour-trusted manufacturers. Every player and swing profile can be fit to an ideal match.

Premium Shaft Options

Manufactured by Graphite Design, these premium shafts utilize exclusive TORAYCA™ carbon fibers and other advanced materials to produce elite performance dynamics. Players can choose between three distinct launch and spin profiles to optimise their ball flight.

Titleist's journey began in 1932, founded on innovation and precision, when Phil Young discovered a golf ball's off-center core via x-ray, sparking the creation of a brand dedicated to excellence in golf ball manufacturing. With over 80 years of expertise, Titleist has been a leader in design and technology, producing all golf balls in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Their commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in a diverse R&D team and an extensive portfolio of over 1,000 patents. Each golf ball undergoes rigorous testing and validation to meet the highest performance and quality standards, ensuring that every product bearing the Titleist script represents the pinnacle of golfing excellence.

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