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Wilson Left Handed Dynapower Steel Irons
Wilson Left Handed Dynapower Steel Irons
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WilsonWilson Left Handed Dynapower Steel Irons

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Wilson Left Handed Dynapower Steel Irons

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"The Wilson Left Handed Dynapower Steel Irons are a game-changer for avid golfers. With the cutting-edge Dynapower AI technology, these irons ensure your shots fly further and land softer, offering an impressive blend of distance, forgiveness, and control. Designed with a high MOI and low CG, they promise stability and higher launches, even on off-centre hits. And they don’t just perform well – they look good doing it, with a design that appeals to discerning players. Step up your game with these irons, where technology meets aesthetics on the fairway."


New Dynapower™ irons are redefining distance, again. Using exclusive Dynapower AI, these irons feature variable face thicknesses to make more of the clubface hot, especially center to toe where 85% of shots are hit.

  • DYNAPOWER A.I. TECHNOLOGY Dynamic face thickness is coupled with Power Holes 3.0 technology to deliver maximum ball speeds across the entire face of the iron. Specific focus was placed from center to toe to deliver maximum distance and forgiveness.
  • HIGH MOI/LOW CG DESIGN By moving more weight towards the toe of the club, we stabilized the clubhead on off-center hits. By moving weight low, we delivered higher launch and steeper descent anglesto help you hold more greens.
  • PLEASING LOOK AT ADDRESS While Dynapower irons were engineered to deliver maximum forgiveness, they were designed to appeal aesthetically to a better player looking for more distance and miss-hit management.
Back in 1956, Wilson changed the game with the original Dynapower irons, introducing a groundbreaking weight distribution technique. Fast forward nearly 70 years, and the legacy continues with the all-new Dynapower iron, setting a new benchmark for distance once again. It's not just about hitting farther; it's about rewriting the rules of what's possible on the green. Wilson's commitment to innovation shines through, offering golfers a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology to elevate their game to unprecedented levels.

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