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Wilson Left Handed Launch Pad 2 Hybrid
Wilson Left Handed Launch Pad 2 Hybrid
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WilsonWilson Left Handed Launch Pad 2 Hybrid

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Wilson Left Handed Launch Pad 2 Hybrid

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"Elevate your game to new heights with the Wilson Left Handed Launch Pad 2 Hybrid, the ultimate solution for players aiming to conquer the slice and effortlessly add distance to their shots. This hybrid is a masterclass in design, blending lightweight construction with a draw bias to ensure that each hit not only travels further but also with greater accuracy. The high-strength, super thin Carpenter Custom face is engineered to deliver exceptional feel and catapult ball speeds to new levels. With the strategic inclusion of the 4 and 5 hybrids, the Launch Pad series bridges the gap between fairways and irons, offering perfect gapping and a versatile option for every player. The club's design, from the face angle and geometry to the moderate offset and head shape, is meticulously crafted to encourage a draw bias. This is achieved by positioning the center of gravity forward and heelward, directly addressing the challenges of slicing. With the Wilson Launch Pad 2 Hybrid in your bag, you're equipped not just with a club, but with confidence to make every shot count."



Launch Pad Hybrids are draw-biased, lightweight and easy-to-hit hybrids designed to help players solve the slice and add effortless distance to their game.


  • THIN IN THE FACEA high-strength and super thin Carpenter Custom face delivers great feel and higher ball speeds.
  • OPTIONS FOR EVERY PLAYERPerfectly positioned between fairways and irons, the Launch Pad hybrids add the option of a 4 and 5 hybrid, ensuring proper gapping for every player.
  • SOLVE THE SLICEMany aspects of this club design are aimed at promoting a draw bias, including face angle and geometry, a moderate offset, the head shape and a center of gravity positioned forward and heelward.
Back in 1956, Wilson changed the game with the original Dynapower irons, introducing a groundbreaking weight distribution technique. Fast forward nearly 70 years, and the legacy continues with the all-new Dynapower iron, setting a new benchmark for distance once again. It's not just about hitting farther; it's about rewriting the rules of what's possible on the green. Wilson's commitment to innovation shines through, offering golfers a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology to elevate their game to unprecedented levels.

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