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Ping Left Handed ChipR Wedge
Ping Left Handed ChipR Wedge
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PingPing Left Handed ChipR Wedge

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From £139.00

Ping Left Handed ChipR Wedge

left handed says 

"Transform your short game with the Ping Left Handed ChipR Wedge, a breakthrough in golfing innovation that merges the precision of a putter with the versatility of a wedge. Designed for golfers who find traditional wedges challenging, the ChipR is your ticket to confidence and consistency around the greens. It's perfect for those nerve-wracking chip shots within 40 yards of the green, offering a solution for golfers aiming to lower their scores without the fear of chunking or blading. With its sleek Hydropearl chrome finish, investment-cast 431 stainless steel construction, and perimeter weighting for high MOI, this club ensures superior spin control and a high degree of forgiveness. The ChipR's compact size and shallow face height, coupled with its MicroMax grooves and cambered sole, provide the control and versatility needed to tackle any lie with ease. Designed to be used with a putting-like stroke, the Ping ChipR Wedge is not just a club—it's a game-changer, promising to bring a newfound confidence to your short game."


A fully engineered chipping solution that combines elements of a putter and wedge to help golfers improve performance around the greens and lower their scores.

Golfers who lack confidence with their traditional wedge and frequently struggle with their chip shots around the green. Our research indicates 1/3 of all golfers would greatly benefit from a PING ChipR.

Recommended for shots within 40 yards of the green from the rough or fringe, golfers apply a putting-like stroke to achieve distance control and consistency without fear of chunking or blading their shots.



  • Hydropearl chrome finish
  • Investment-cast, 431 stainless steel
  • Perimeter weighting, high MOI
  • Composite cavity badge
  • MicroMax grooves for spin control on chips of every length
  • Compact size for confidence
  • Shallow face height (between putter and wedge)
  • Cambered sole for versatility from rough and fringe


  • 325 gm (between PW & LW)
  • Loft = 38.50° (similar to 9-iron)
  • Bounce = 8°
  • Std. Length = 35.00" (customisable)
  • Std. Lie = 70° (10 colour codes)
  • Z-Z115 wedge shaft
  • 360 Dyla-wedge Lite grip
From the moment Karsten Solheim's prototype putter emitted that defining 'ping', history was in the making. Today, PING's left-handed head styles, inspired by tour-proven designs, offer golf enthusiasts the chance to own a slice of this legacy. Whether you're seeking the bespoke fitting experience of a tour professional or longing for a putter tailored to your unique style, PING are at your service, crafting putters to your exact specifications, just like they do for stars like Viktor Hovland.

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