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About Ping

Solheim began PING golf as a garage business in 1959. His frustration during the game of golf resulted from his difficulty putting with the equipment of the era. The engineer from General Electric invented a new putter in his garage known as the "PING 1A". The rest is history...

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Ping Left Handed G Le Fairway

The G Le fairway woods have a lower lead edge, making it far easier to launch the ball cleanly from the turf, a common challenge with fairway woods. Accuracy was improved by thinning the crown and redistributing weight to maximize forgiveness. Distance is ramped up by a thinner, faster CarTech 455 face.
£119.00 £169.00

Ping Left Handed G Le2 Ladies Irons

Blending lightweight, forgiving irons with easy-to-hit hybrids increases performance across the set by ensuring every club has its designed role. Lightweight components, faster faces, and a lower overall system mass generate greater distance with improved accuracy.
£849.00 £924.00

Ping Left Handed Second Hand I blade Irons (7)

The inspiring new iBlade iron is distinguished by the softest, purest feel we’ve ever achieved in an iron, with the workability and control to shape shots on command. Through extensive research and observation of leading tour professionals, PING engineers designed the clean, compact iBlade iron to surpass the expectations of skilled golfers who rely on the precision and control to execute the most demanding shots in the game.
£799.00 £999.00

Ping Second Hand Left Handed Glide 3.0 Pitching Wedge (64)

This wedge have never been hit just been on display in the shop and can not be sold as brand new.
£80.00 £119.00

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