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Ping Left Handed i230 Steel Irons
Ping Left Handed i230 Steel Irons
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PingPing Left Handed i230 Steel Irons

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Ping Left Handed i230 Steel Irons

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"Step up to the tee with confidence wielding the Ping Left Handed i230 Steel Irons, a set that's already made its mark on Tour. This players-style iron is engineered for those who seek precision above all, offering consistent and predictable distance control with a tighter dispersion to nail those exact yardages. The secret lies in its activated elastomer insert, which not only lowers the CG for added distance but also improves feel and sound, thanks to a harmonious multi-material badge. With a design that features a smoother lead edge for flawless turf interaction and MicroMax grooves for unwavering performance, the i230 irons are a masterpiece of golfing technology. Whether you're playing the long irons or honing in on the green with the short ones, this set delivers unmatched distance, forgiveness, and control."


Already a winner on Tour, the players-style i230 iron delivers consistent and predictable distance control with tighter dispersion for hitting precise yardages. An activated elastomer insert creates discretionary weight to lower the CG for more distance while enhancing feel and sound in conjunction with a multi-material badge. A more rounded lead edge ensures smooth turf interaction for clean strikes and MicroMax grooves produce consistent performance from wet and dry grass

  • Multi-material, five-piece construction in tour-style design delivers consistent, predictable distance with an elevated impact experience
  • Elastomer insert creates 21g of discretionary weight to lower CG for more distance and forgiveness
  • Investment cast 431 stainless steel body with hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish
  • Tungsten toe/tip weights for more forgiveness and tighter dispersion
  • Milled MicroMax grooves ensure consistent launch and spin in long irons and short iron control
  • Tour-inspired blade lengths; long irons (3-5) more compact than i210, mid/short irons same blade length as i210
  • Rounded lead edge for ample bounce and turf forgiveness
From the moment Karsten Solheim's prototype putter emitted that defining 'ping', history was in the making. Today, PING's left-handed head styles, inspired by tour-proven designs, offer golf enthusiasts the chance to own a slice of this legacy. Whether you're seeking the bespoke fitting experience of a tour professional or longing for a putter tailored to your unique style, PING are at your service, crafting putters to your exact specifications, just like they do for stars like Viktor Hovland.

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