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Ping Left Handed G425 MAX Driver
Ping Left Handed G425 MAX Driver
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PingPing Left Handed G425 MAX Driver

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Ping Left Handed G425 MAX Driver

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"Step into a new era of golfing excellence with the Ping Left Handed G425 MAX Driver, a testament to innovation 'and unmatched forgiveness. This driver sets a new benchmark with PING’s highest moment of inertia ever, thanks to a 26-gram tungsten movable weight that enhances forgiveness by optimizing the CG position. Its dragonfly crown technology not only saves weight but also allows for precise CG adjustments in neutral, draw, or fade settings. The T9S+ forged face amplifies flexing for additional distance, offering a blend of power and precision that's hard to match. With features like refined aerodynamics for increased speed, easy adjustability for tailored ball flights, and smart grips for insightful game analysis, the G425 MAX is not just a driver; it’s a comprehensive tool for transformation on the course, designed to elevate your game to its maximum potential."


LEFT HANDED G425 MAX elevates the moment of inertia to PING’s highest level in history. Forgiveness comes mainly from a 26-gram tungsten movable weight, made possible by weight savings from advancements in the driver’s dragonfly crown technology. The CG-shifting weight can be set in neutral, draw or fade. A T9S+ forged face increases flexing for adding distance

Dragonfly® Refined

Movable tungsten weights that vary by model are made possible by weight savings attributed to advancements in the drivers’ Dragonfly crown technology.

Highest MOI

In the MAX, total MOI pushes a record 10,000, largely due to a 26-gram tungsten movable weight that shifts the CG lower and further back and can be secured in the Neutral, Draw or Fade setting.

Precision Forged Face

A proprietary high-strength, precision-machined T9S+ forged face maximises flexing to deliver fast ball speeds and more distance.

Aerodynamic Design

Refined crown turbulators reduce aerodynamic drag for increased swing speed and ball velocity.

Easy Adjustability

Trajectory Tuning 2.0 utilises a lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that provides eight positions to customise your trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy.

Internal Ribbing

PING engineers developed an internal rib structure in the Ti 8-1-1 body, reinforcing key sections of the head to improve acoustics for a solid, pleasing sound and better feel.

Trajectory Tuning Chart

The lightweight, 8-position hosel enables adjustments for loft (±1.5°) and lie (3° flatter than std.) to further dial in your ball flight for the best results.

Smart Grips

Arccos Caddie Smart Grips (Golf Pride Lite 360 Tour Velvet) in one of four sizes are standard. An embedded sensor automatically records and analyses every shot when paired with the Arccos Caddie app.
From the moment Karsten Solheim's prototype putter emitted that defining 'ping', history was in the making. Today, PING's left-handed head styles, inspired by tour-proven designs, offer golf enthusiasts the chance to own a slice of this legacy. Whether you're seeking the bespoke fitting experience of a tour professional or longing for a putter tailored to your unique style, PING are at your service, crafting putters to your exact specifications, just like they do for stars like Viktor Hovland.

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