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Ping Left Handed Tyne G 2023 Putter
Ping Left Handed Tyne G 2023 Putter
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PingPing Left Handed Tyne G 2023 Putter

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Ping Left Handed Tyne G 2023 Putter

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"Introducing the Ping Left Handed Tyne G 2023 Putter, a true embodiment of innovation designed to revolutionize your putting experience. This putter stands out in Ping's new lineup, tailored to deliver an exceptional balance of feel and forgiveness, ensuring confidence on every putt. The Tyne G features a unique ball-pickup center cutout, not only facilitating ease of use but also enhancing the putter's stability and forgiveness by redistributing mass to the perimeter. This design, combined with three white alignment lines and a ball-width cavity floor, makes aiming remarkably straightforward, significantly improving accuracy. The inclusion of a PEBAX insert with a shallow milled surround offers a softer feel, consistent ball speed, and satisfying sound, making every putt feel just right. Whether your stroke has a slight arc or is straight, the Tyne G is engineered to provide the stability, control, and consistency required to master the greens. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Tyne G is more than just a putter; it's a game-changer."


The New PING putters are individually designed to achieve the proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look. The 10 putters include multi-material, high-MOI blades, mid-mallets and mallets, firm milled faces and soft-feeling inserts, a range of alignment cues, and eye-pleasing color blocking. There's a putter to fit every golfer while elevating control and consistency on putts of any length.

A trio of white lines, ball-width cavity floor and a ball-pickup center cutout (for gimmes) distinguish the easy-to-aim Tyne G. The cutout redistributes mass to the perimeter for added stability and forgiveness to improve accuracy. A PEBAX insert with shallow milled surround ensures a softer feel and consistent ball speed with pleasing acoustics.

Putter Type:  Mallet
Material: 304 SS
Face: PEBAX insert w/shallow milled surround
Head Weight:  360g
Stroke Type:  Slight Arc, Straight
Standard Length: 34"
Lie Angle:  20° ±2°
Loft:  3° ±2°
Shaft: Double-bend chrome steel
From the moment Karsten Solheim's prototype putter emitted that defining 'ping', history was in the making. Today, PING's left-handed head styles, inspired by tour-proven designs, offer golf enthusiasts the chance to own a slice of this legacy. Whether you're seeking the bespoke fitting experience of a tour professional or longing for a putter tailored to your unique style, PING are at your service, crafting putters to your exact specifications, just like they do for stars like Viktor Hovland.

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